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30 janvier 2005

 Voici les premières images des cartes de Yugioh The Lost Millenium (TLM), extension prévue pour juin 2005 aux USA, qui précèdera les boosters Cyber Revolution (CRV) quant à eux annoncés pour le mois d'août. Cette extension semble fortement se baser sur la série Yu-Gi-Oh genex, la preuve en images.


 Présentation de ce nouveau booster Yugioh

 Voici le logo de cette toute nouvelle extension ainsi que l'aspect des boosters.

Booster Yugioh The Lost Millenium

Yu-Gi-Oh The Lost Millenium




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Quelques cartes de Yu-Gi-Oh The Lost Millenium

  • E·HERO Feather Man
    Normal Monster
  • E·HERO Burst Lady
    Normal Monster
  • E·HERO Spark Man
    Normal Monster

E. Hero Spark Man - Yugioh The Lost Millenium

  • E·HERO Clay Man
    Normal Monster

E. Hero Clay Man - Yugioh The Lost Millenium

  • Hane Kuriboh
    Activate this card it is destroyed and sent to the Graveyard from the field. After activation, all battle damage done to this card's controller is reduced to zero until end of turn.

Hane Kuriboh - Yugioh The Lost Millenium

  • Antique Gear Golem
    This card cannot be special summoned. When this card attacks a Monster in defense mode that has a lower defense that this Monster's attack strength, do Battle Damage to your opponent equal to the difference. When this card attacks, your opponent cannot activate any Spell or Trap cards until the end of the damage step.

Image sur la pochette du booster.

  • Survivor of Twilight Zone
    When this card is removed from the game while face-up on your field, special summon it at end of the turn.
  • E·HERO Flame Wingman
    Fusion Monster
    E·HERO Feather Man + E·HERO Burst Lady
    This card can only be special summoned by fusion summon. When this card destroys and sends a Monster to the graveyard in battle, do damage equal to the attack strength of the monster destroyed to your opponent.
  • E·HERO Thunder Giant
    Fusion Monster
    E·HERO Spark Man + E·HERO Clay Man
    This card can only be special summoned by fusion summon. Discard one card from your hand to destroy one face-up monster whose attack strength is lower than this card's attack strength. This effect can only be activated once per turn, during your main phase.

E. Hero Thunder Giant - Yugioh The Lost Millenium

  • Treasured Cards From Heaven
    Normal Spell
    Remove from the game all cards in your field and hand. Draw up to 2 cards.
  • Double Attack
    Normal Spell
    Discard a monster card from your hand. Select one monster on your field with level lower than that of the monster you discarded. During the turn which this card is activated, the selected monster can attack 2 times.
  • Hero Signal
    Normal Trap
    You can activate this card when one monster on your field is destroyed and sent to the graveyard by battle. Special summon a monster with name including "E HERO" from your hand or deck.

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